Talk of ‘Conversion Therapy’ is not OK!

Ber Grogan today continues to stand in solidarity with trans people and says that it would be better for parliamentarians to be using their time and privilege to ensure that sufficient and timely supports and resources are in place for those who need them.  She also completely admonishes the talk of conversion therapy in Ireland, as it is cruel and degrading.

New Independent NUI Seanad candidate, Ber Grogan, speaking after yesterday’s Seanad debate said:

“No-one knows you better than you know yourself and if you are struggling with identity issues because you feel different or you have been told that you are different because of societal norms and pressure you should have access to people to talk to, if that’s what you want.  We need to be creating a more compassionate, open and supportive society, where people feel safe to identify as whatever gender they are or none at all if they are non-binary.”

Ber is a first-time candidate and is running on a platform of equality and fairness. Her priorities include Housing and Homelessness, Education, Animal Welfare and ensuring that abortion legislation enables free, safe, legal and local access to abortion.  She also wants to ensure that equality issues for our LGBTQi community remains a priority and something that Ireland continues to improve.

“The online trolling of trans people and activists is unacceptable, as is talking about the possible use of conversion therapy.  I stand fully with our trans community, I’m #CisWithTheT and truly admire the bravery and honesty of those who continue to speak out to ensure that their voices are heard.” she added.




29 March 2019