Home For Christmas? Register to Vote!

Are you home for Christmas?  Did you come home to vote (#Home2Vote) in May 2015 or May 2018 or do you wish you had been able to have a say in shaping Ireland in those important referendums?  Well…. if you are an NUI graduate living in another country and you are an Irish citizen then you are eligible to vote in the Seanad elections.  Voting is by postal vote so as long as the NUI registration office has your current address you can vote – from anywhere in the world.  Why would you not want to use that vote?  Registering could not be easier!!  It’s just one short form and you can scan and email it to the office at records@nui.ie or elections@nui.ie and/or post it in to the office National University of Ireland, Records Office, 49 Merrion Square, Dublin 2.

We are at that stage of the Christmas holidays when we are wondering what day it is and we have eaten ourselves silly.  If you’re lucky enough to be off for the Christmas period because you are visiting home, why not do something really productive with 5 minutes of one of your days?



There is no supplementary register for Seanad elections.  If you do not submit your registration form by the deadline of February 26th then you will not be able to vote in a Seanad election until after June 2020.  If you get your form in by February 26th 2019 then you will be able to vote in an election that happens between June 2019 and June 2020.

Home For Christmas?  Then register now and you don’t even need to come #Home2Vote to make the Seanad NUI Panel even more progressive.